Guest Rooms

Prices are based on 1-2 people per room. We are not equiped to accommodate more than two people per room, and are not suitable for children or pets. We do not rent to groups or parties, as we wish to maintain our relaxed and quiet atmosphere. All guest rooms at the inn include a full breakfast served between 8:30 amd 9am.

All rooms include a private bath, with a jetted tub &  shower, gas fireplace, sitting area, mini-fridge and microwave, Keurig Coffee maker, ironing board, blow dryer, and private balcony.

Click here for a room layout view  http://mountainlaurelcreek.com/layout

State and motel tax is (12%)  plus a $5 a night GA State Transportation Tax

2 night stay required for weekends in the Fall (3rd weekend of September through mid November), holiday and festival weekends.

This Calendar is live and real time, and is up to date. Once you click on reserve, it will block out the room.


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